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Massage – Spa body treatments in Manhattan, New York are more than mere pampering!

Spa body treatments in Manhattan,New York.Massage and Body Treatments NY

Spa body treatments in Manhattan, New York are more than mere pampering!In today’s world, with people racing through life at such a hectic pace, spa body treatments in Manhattan, New York are more than just mere pampering. They are a healthful alternative to anti-anxiety medications, alcoholic beverages and other stress reducing choices.
At Dyanna Spa in N.Y.C., you’ll find a variety of spa body treatments that suits your individual needs. Whether you opt for one of our therapeutic massages, or one of our full body scrubs, you will find all of these spa services healing and relaxing.

Our Spa Body Treatments

 Our sixty-minute,$75, Seaweed Body Wrap with Body Scrub is imbued with nutritious amino acids and vitamins. The seaweed works to extract toxins from your circulatory system, while nourishing your skin and reducing water retention.Body Wrap
 With Dyanna Spa’s Reflexology Massage, our certified massage therapists rub and apply pressure to various points in your hands and feet that correspond to specific glands and organs to promote overall bodily health. This 30-minute, $50 treatment helps alleviate tension, aches, and pains throughout your body.Body Treatment Massage.
If you choose the Dead Sea Spa Glow Body Treatment, infused with salts and healing nutrients from the Dead Sea as well as triple mint and olive oil, the result will be an in-depth hydration of your skin as our esthetician exfoliates it with this special blend. This 60-minute skin care treatment costs $80.body treatments
 The Deep Tissue Massage goes deeply into the structure of the fascia (connective tissue) and muscles.  It releases muscle tension, chronic knots and other areas of pain. You can choose a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute massage costing $50, $85, $130, respectively.Deep Tissue Massage NYC

With our Hot Stone Massage, our massage therapist places heated basalt stones on specific areas of the spine, which work to improve blood circulation and relieve tension. This 60-minute treatments costs $85, or you can choose the 30-minute massage for $50. Hot_Stone_Massage_NYC

Using the purest cane sugar, and the antioxidants from red apple and pomegranate juices, our 45-minute,$60, Pomegranate Red-Apple Full Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliation treatment. It will leave your skin clean, soft and silky smooth.If you choose the Aromatherapy Massage, our massage therapist will rub and knead the skin with the purest of aromatic plant oils known to promote relaxation, well-being and healing. You can opt for either the 30-minute, $45 massage, or the 60-minute,$80 massage.massage

To make an appointment for one of our spa body treatments, or if you have any questions, or if you’d like to know more about our other day spa treatments, simply call us, drop by Dyanna Spa at 40 E. 21st Street in NYC, or visit our website at

Instant Online Spa Gift Certificates NYC may be purchased
at our spa, online or phone. You may Choose from a list of spa treatments, spa
packages or purchase your spa gift certificate for a specific amount.

Dyanna Spa ! 40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY 10010

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Valentine’s Day Spa Specials and Valentine’s Day Spa Packages at Dyanna Spa and Nail Salon in Manhattan New York City

Valentine’s Day Spa Specials and Valentine’s Day Spa Packages at Dyanna Spa and Nail Salon in Manhattan New York City
New York Valentine’s Day Spa Specials and Valentine’s Day Spa Packages

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and if you’re wondering what’s the best gift for that someone you love, check out the day spa gifts at Dyanna Spa and Nail Salon in New York City.

You can choose from a number of luxurious spa treatments that are perfect for St. Valentine’s Day. Valentine Day Spa Specials and Spa Packages at Dyanna Spa in NYC include manicures, pedicures, massages, body wraps, facials, and skin care treatments.

 Spa Packages in NYC

A fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for him or her is one of our Spa Packages.

The Absolutely Fabulous Spa Package includes a deep pore facial, a fusion massage, and a spa manicure and pedicure. Your sweetheart will have three hours of pampering with this package.

Our 180-minute New York Spa Package includes a waxing treatment, a facial, a body treatment, and a manicure pedicure.

See the rest of our spa packages for more unbelievable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her.


St. Valentine’s Day Specials

If you’re not sure which spa treatment to give, a Spa Gift Certificate is the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Your loved one can then choose in which service or services to indulge.

When you ask your special someone “Won’t you be my Valentine?” after you’ve given your special day spa gift, you’re sure to get at least a “yes” and a big kiss.

Call us now or go online and choose your Valentine’s Day gift at New York’s premier beauty salon — Dyanna Spa and Nail Salon.

Women’s Spa Specials and Spa Packages

If you want to impress the woman in your life and show her how sensitive, thoughtful and generous you are, consider purchasing one of our many spa specials. Our Valentine’s Day specials include:

    • A free European Lactol Manicure when you spend $100 or more

    • A free Underarm Wax Treatment when you spend $60or more on any of our other waxing treatments

    • A 30-minute Chocolate Body Polish, a 30-minute Chocolate Mini Facial, and a 75-minute Paraffin Treatment for hands and feet for $85(normally costs $110)

    • A 60-minute Swedish Massage and a 60-minute Brazilian Manicure and Brazilian Pedicure – two hours of pure pampering for only $100 (normally costs $120)

    • A 60-minute Chocolate Peel Facial and a 75-minute Chocolate Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure for only $120 (normally costs $145)

                         Men’s Spa Specials and Spa Packages

Spa treatments are for men too, so ladies check out the wonderful adventures your boyfriend, husband, or lover can enjoy. Coming up with what kind of gifts for men they will like is usually challenging. However, we guarantee the man in your life will love the attention he’ll receive at our beauty spa.

    • A free Brazilian Manicure when you spend $100 or more

    • A free Underarm Wax Treatment when you spend$60 or more on any of our other waxing treatments (a $20 savings)

    • A 45-minute Jelly Pedicure, a 30-minute Buff Manicure, and 30-minutes of Reflexology for $85 (normally $100) provides 1 hour and 45 minutes of sheer contentment

    • A 60-minute Fusion Massage and a 75-minute Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure for$125 (normally $145)


Instant Online Spa Gift Certificates NYC may be purchased at our spa, online or phone. You may Choose from a list of spa treatments, spa packages or purchase your spa gift certificate for a specific amount.

Valentine’s Day Special Cannot be combined with other offers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dyanna Spa !

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa
40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY

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Aromatherapy Massage and Facial Treatments to Soothe the New York City Stress Away

Take a break from breathing in the harmful toxins of polluted Manhattan air and come to Dyanna Spa to experience our Aromatherapy Treatments! You’ll find yourself surrounded only by clean, crisp, and calming scents that will allow your mind and body to unwind for some much-needed temporary relief from the pressures of life.

Health should be everyone’s first priority, however as a busy New Yorker, it may often take a back burner to the never amount ending work, or errands that constantly seem to pile up. Dyanna Spa offers quick treatments that will provide long lasting benefits, such as our Aromatherapy Massage and facial treatments which were designed with the New York mentality in mind.

Aromatherapy is one of the most efficient ways to improve health and over all well-being as it involves the various combinations of certain scented oils found in nature, in order to create a calming atmosphere. One of the main benefits of treating yourself to an Aromatherapy treatment from Dyanna Spa is that it goes beyond conventional methods for combating stress as the aroma’s consume and enhance your senses and put you into a ‘spa coma,’ which allows you to feel relaxed and at ease with yourself,  and your environment. Other common benefits of Aromatherapy includes, significantly improved mood, sense of harmony and balance, and an increased immune system.

Common ingredients used in Aromatherapy include Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Citrus, Lemon, Sandalwood, Rose, Grapefruit, Sage, and Cedarwood.

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment: 30 Minutes/$40  or 60 Minutes/ $75

Get the best of both worlds with our Aroma-Therapy Massage treatment! Not only will you be breathing in harmony and balance, but you will also slip into a deep relaxation as skin will be kneaded and massaged with all natural oils consisting of plant extracts.

Aromatherapy Facial: $75dry -skin-care-treatment-spa-manhattan-nyc-new york.

Similar to the Aromatherapy Massage, the Aromatherapy Facial allows for a reinforced feeling of relaxation to occur due to the scents of the all natural oils used to de-stress the mind and body- something much needed in the heat of a New York City summer. The Dyanna Spa Aromatherapy Facial relieves tension of skin, preventing wrinkles and other stress-related impurities from forming. Skin is revitalized as the techniques of gentle rubbing are used to increase blood circulation, leaving you skin feeling years younger!

40 East 21st Street Manhattan,NY


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Relax the Cold Away: Reflexology Made Easy With NYC’s Top Spa’s April Special!

A recent therapy gaining popularity in New York’s relaxation-and-mediation-oriented society, is that of Reflexology Massage Treatment, though the scientific and medicinal benefits of Reflexology began developing as early as 5,000 years ago.  At Manhattan’s Dyanna Spa, we recognize that the healing powers of reflexology are unique as a means of alleviating tension.  In an effort to ensure that all of our customers get the chance to benefit from Reflexology, even if they don’t have the time or necessarily the money to spend on extensive massage treatments, we have incorporated ten minutes of the treatment into our Black Currant Mani+Pedi April Special.  For just $50, you can receive both a spa manicure and pedicure, and ten minutes of the ultimate Reflexology healing treatment.

Reflexology Massage is based on the idea that a map of the entire body is located in one’s foot.  That is to say, that each muscle, sinew and organ contained in the body corresponds to an area on the sole of the foot.  Reflexologists can spend years studying this map, in order to know how to heal a person using the correct pressure points found on their feet.  When one comes to a reflexologist with a backache, stomach problems, a caught muscle or any other discomfort, the specialist can heal the pain by concentrating on the corresponding regions of the feet linked to the ailing body-part.  A true Master Reflexologist will be able to determine the situation of one’s physical weaknesses without being told, but rather through simply touching one’s feet and feeling for inconsistencies between the pained person’s feet, and the feet of a perfectly healthy person.

Reflexology is a non-invasive, enjoyable and essential means of controlling the effects of a stressful lifestyle on one’s overall health.  Worries that naturally plague a person due to work over-load, lack of sleep, familial and social strains, etc., can be easily alleviated by relying on a trained reflexologist’s gentle application of pressure to tension-laden body-parts via one’s foot.  And to top it all off, some doctors believe that Reflexology has the ability to reverse the aging process! Sounds like the perfect addition to your regular spa treatments, to say the least! Come on in today and give it a try. 🙂

To book your appointment, visit or call us at (212) 995-2355!


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Eating Healthy: NYC’s Best Spa Recommends Watching Your Diet to Prevent Aging Skin

It’s no secret everyone wants to reverse signs of aging and stay young as long as possible. But how? We’ve got the answer to the fountain of youth from one of New York’s Best Spas, Dyanna Body & Nail Spa, that has been in business over 22 years and voted a best spa for anti-aging facials and body treatments year after year. Women and men across the entire country are on a quest to find the fountain of youth and prevent aging. So in this quest, the owners of the best salons & spa’s in New York & Manhattan have been on a quest to find them. Dyanna Spa has developed a great deal of services that truly help reduce and even reverse signs of aging. However, when it comes to preserving how we look, the experts at Dyanna suggest taking a look at how we eat. New York, in particular, can be a lot to handle and the stress the busy streets of Manhattan and other boroughs, leave signs in our faces. Yet no matter how busy we get, it’s important to maintain a healthy balanced diet to ensure your skin gets the nutrients it needs.

Have you ever noticed that when you neglect eating a healthy diet, your body and skin start to change in mysterious ways?

The truth is, it’s not really a mystery that if you want healthy looking skin, you have to eat a healthy- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  For instance, if you’ve ever observed patrons at your local health and fitness club, you’ll notice they usually have the best looking skin. Your skin is your largest organ so what you put into your body has a huge effect on the health and quality of your skin.

The aestheticians at Dyanna Spa tell their clients you are what you eat so to drink at least 60-70 ounces of pure water every day and eat a diet that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables like squash and broccoli, healthy fats, and lean proteins.  The key is to stay away from processed foods and fast food, especially those containing white flour, sugar, and trans-fats. We also recommend the trying one of the following specialized skin treatments at Dyanna Spa:

  • The Red Wine – Pomegranate Anti – Oxidant treatment is an incredibly complex formula based on hydro gel technology for spectacular result. Helps detoxify and de -stress the skin.
  • The Hydra Dew Express Lift with Dill Vitamin Vegetable Mask uses the best of nature’s vegetables to provide immediate, in-depth moisturizing, and reverse the effects of time. The Hydra Dew Express Lift Facial will re-establish the hydra-lipid protective film, boost moisture content, and will help combat hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles!
  • The Pomegranate Red Apple Body Scrub will infuse the powerhouse of pomegranate’s nutrients, essential amino acids, Vitamin B and C, and other antioxidants which helps your body naturally regenerate skin cells and reverse the signs of aging with the red apple’s abundant amounts of both collagen and elastin, both great for youthful skin. An apple a day will certainly keep the doctor away and with the pomegranate, you may be able to keep the signs of aging away as well!
  • The Seaweed Treatment with Seaweed Mask is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and your express ticket to a beautiful complexion.

To find out more about any of the skin treatments at Dyanna Body & Nail Spa visit or call us at (212) 955 -2355.

40 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355


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Got The End Of August Blues? How to Rid Yourself of Stress Before Fall with NYC’s Top Spa, Dyanna Body & Nail Spa.

When you start feeling under the weather don’t mope! Come into NYC’s Best Spa voted in 17 categories for the ultimate relaxation massages and reflexology and pick me up.  August is quickly coming to its end which means one thing, cooler weather will be moving in. Although autumn is a beautiful season, it’s also a very stressful one. The fall is a time where Holiday deadlines reach their peaks, temperaments are tested, and the ease of summer is replaced with the agitation of work stress, holiday shopping, and just the overall malcontent with the weather.

Before you give up and go into a pre-mature winter hibernation come into Dyanna to try any one of our award winning massages to help you keep trucking throughout the cooler months. Whether it be fatigue due to the absence of sunlight during the winter months, eating in the holiday spirit of high calorie sweet treats, not getting enough sleep, or experiencing stress from the everyday grind, Dyanna Body & Nail Spa provides some great massage therapy solutions to get you feeling loose and limber.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: The Deep Tissue Massage relieves your muscles of stress and sports related muscle tension just in time for the spring. This massage will work out the kinks that winter has left behind and put the spring back in your step.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: The Swedish Massage is designed to improve your blow food and releases toxins from your muscles as you immerse yourself in the relaxation and serenity of Dyanna Spa.

FUSION MASSAGE: The Fusion Massage is a combination of our Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Reflexology massages to give you the ultimate relaxation. The Deep Tissue Massage relieves your muscles of stress and sports related muscle tension, the Swedish massage will improve your blow food and releases toxins from your muscles, and the Reflexology massage effectively works through your pressure points in your hands and feet to relieve tension, aches, and pains throughout the body. The combination of these three techniques is guaranteed to put a little pep in your step.

REFLEXOLOGY: The Reflexology Massage will give you the ultimate relaxation. Reflexology effectively works through your pressure points in your hands and feet to relieve tension, aches, and pains throughout the body.

HOT STONE MASSAGE: The Hot Stone Massage will allow you to relax and take your mind off the worries of the world. You will enjoy this soothing relief from stress and muscle tension by the placement of hot stones on key points of your body. Hot Stone Massages are perfect for people with back pain and aches, poor circulation, osteoarthritis and arthritis pain, stress, anxiety and tension, insomnia, and depression.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: The Magic Touch Aromatherapy Massage rubs and kneads the skin with plant oils which emit pleasant aromas that promote relaxation and a sense of well-being and healing. These aromas have been known to affect heart rates, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and your immune system.

To find out more about this and other treatments and/or to schedule an appointment or consult with one of our expert aestheticians about which treatments would be right for you, and to check out our affordable pricing please go to:

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355

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Why Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NYC Differs from the Rest: 7 Facials and Body Treatments You Won’t Find in Any Other New York Spa!

Though Dyanna Spa in NYC has been in business for over 20 years, it never fails to add exciting new facials and body treatments to it’s menu of beauty routines. Gold facials, caviar facials, reiki massage and more are just a few reasons Dyanna Spa has been voted a best spa in New York year after year!

All of our loyal clients know we have been providing quality beauty treatments for over 20 years… but the most

New Yorkers are always looking for a way to stand out. With the copious amount of people that live just on the island of Manhattan, you have to pull all the stops to get noticed.

The same goes for the businesses- and especially spas. Among the hundreds of spa’s within a 5 mile radius in New York City, having new and innovative services is crucial to keep your clients excited to book their next appointment.

Dyanna Body & Nail Spa in Gramercy Park, NY though a cozy neighborhood spa, ensures that the service clients receives is above and beyond what they would expect. So to keep our clients excited and eager to try new treatments, our experts have created not one, not two but SEVEN facial and body treatments you won’t find in most other salons in NYC .

  1. Blackcurrant Facial– How the Black Currant facial works is actually a revolution in natural skin care. The Black Currant facial is a new, high performance, scientifically proven facial treatment that delivers the most defenses against aging. The mask for the facial is made of Black Currant, or more specifically the seeds. That oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which promote and maintain skin’s vital functions. Essential fatty acids protect skin tissue and insulate nerves. Black Currant oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes and calms down skin’s inflammation.
  2. Caviar Facial– a luxurious high performance, cutting edge treatment that also delivers the most advanced defense against aging. Your skin will cherish and benefit from the high vitamin content of the caviar and pearl. As a part of the facial you will have a rich application of gel that consists of 100% pure caviar massaged into the skin, followed by a lift-off mask, leaving the skin firm and youthful.
  3. 24K Gold Facial– The 24K Gold Facial treatment, a favorite among our clients, will improve blood flow, renew the skin, provide great antioxidants and minerals for moisturizing and firming the skin. The use of gold slows down collagen depletion, stimulates cellular growth, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces appearance of sun damaged spots, and prevents premature aging.
  4. Reiki Massage– Reiki is an ancient healing technique for the back that originated in Tibet and has been practiced for over 2,500 years now. “Reiki” means Universal Life Force. Reiki can relieve pain, boost the immune system and relieves acute problems. It has remained popular over the thousands of years across Asia, because of the universal belief that physical pain stems from emotional, mental and spiritual states. Therefore, Reiki goes beyond the symptoms to the root cause of the problem.
  5. Pomegranate Body Scrub– Pure cane sugar with potent anti-oxidants derived from organic Pomegranate juice and organic Red Apple create a gentle, natural exfoliation that leaves your skin softer because the therapist works longer and gets into areas you can’t reach easily, like the middle of your back. Body scrubs at a spa are usually combined with an application of lotion or short massage, which is relaxing. Your massage therapist rubs the aromatic scrub into your skin, removing those pesky dead skin cells and leaving your skin baby soft.
  6. Brazilian Manicure / Pedicure– guarantees the softest skin and the strongest nails. This water-less, cream-less treatment uses specially lined gloves to moisturize your skin and strengthen your nails, this process is an all natural method that will actually help your nails grow.
  7. Placenta Facial– The placenta, also known as afterbirth, is full of protein, iron, and tons of vitamins and minerals, which make them excellent for the health of hair, skin, and nails. People have been using the placenta of sheep and horses as beauty aids for time immemorial, in fact. Treatments like this are more natural and they truly deliver!

If you want to find out more about these or other services that Dyanna Body & Nail Spa in NYC , please visit us at or call (212) 995-2355

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon/Spa

40 East 21st Street

New York. NY 10010

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Heat Wave Survival Guide NYC: Can Your Skin and Nails Stand Up to the Heat?

The joys of summer are plentiful: laying poolside or on the beach, picnics in the park, barbecues, short shorts and flip flops… it’s the season you’ve been waiting for all year long and now that it’s almost here- are you ready?? Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, and Facials may be in order… read on to see what your body is asking for in this hot weather!

If you live in New York, it’s likely you’ve spent the last 8 months cuddled up in scarves and sweaters, but the first heat wave arrived last week giving you a good indication of whether your skin (facial and body) and nails (hands and toes) are ready to face the summer. As you pulled out those flip flops- were you ready to show off perfectly pedicured toes to strut through Manhattan? After you sweated on the hot subway, did your facial skin break out the next day? Were your legs silky smooth and in shape?

If not, come to Dyanna Body & Nail Salon-Spa to make sure all of the above issues have been resolved.


Your skin during those scorching hot summer days can become damaged, dry, and dull and even break out due to the enlarged pores. Even if your air conditioner is left at the maximum level, the heat wave can damage your skin.

So what do you do?

One of the most important things to remember is to keep yourself hydrated and your skin-well moisturized.

Dyanna Spa has some amazing treatments to help maintain your skin’s glow, firmness, and keep those break outs to an absolute minimum. Dyanna Spa’s specifically customized facials like EUROPEAN FACIAL will cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin in just one treatment.  You can follow it up with a DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIAL, which combats the breakouts before they happen. DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIAL will cleanse your pores (white heads and black heads) as well as other acne impurities that we all are so prone to this coming summer.

If you are already suffering from blemishes due to this heat wave, don’t worry, Dyanna Spa has just the right treatment for you as well: ACNE/BLEMISH FACIAL with ACTIVE PROPOLIS and BLEMISH CONTROL MASK. This procedure combats the blemishes at their roots. Extraction can be performed when necessary, and healing module is utilized to assist closure of any open or infected areas. Dyanna Spa has multiple treatments that will help you revitalize, hydrate and feel your very best this summer season!


Another very important thing to take care of are your nails! Getting regular pedicures and manicures is extremely important now that you’re making the switch to flip flops and sandals, and the gloves are long stowed away.

Dyanna Salon & Spa has been voted as one of the best places in NY for manicures and pedicures in 2008 and 2009, and it is no wonder our customers are always happy when they leave. Dyanna offers various manicure and pedicure treatments that would moisturize your skin on your hands and feet. Come in for a Brazilian Manicure and Pedicure, which we guarantee will give you the softest skin and strongest nails. You can also try our Peppermint Sea Twist Manicure, which will stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin.



For many, during the harsh winter months, getting rid of  hair in undesired places is the not the first thing on our minds. So we may choose to ignore it or put it off for the other weekend. Are you overdue for your waxing appointment? Stop procrastinating! Dyanna Spa has been rated as a Best of NYC Spa for waxing, Bikini & Brazilian as well as overall hair removal/ electrolysis. Dyanna Spa has a variety of waxing options to chose from, including Cirepil Blue Hard Wax. Our high quality products ensure all skin types can handle the wax, and when it comes time to be bikini ready, you can feel confident and smooth, knowing you won’t have razor stubble to hide!


So while on the topics of bikini and short shorts season, even after a wax and hours in the gym- how ready is your body for the baring attire?  If you have been slacking at the gym all winter, crunch time at the gym may not be enough. If you need a little boost to get rid of cellulite and excess water weight, we recommend the Anti- Cellulite Treatment at Dyanna Spa.  The treatment involves a special massage that improves circulation and ultimately eliminate fluids between the fat tissues, thus getting rid of the root cause of cellulite. After the massage, your body is wrapped in a special wrap which forces body to sweat and eliminate excess fluids from between the fat tissues. That in turn, creates noticeable results and an immediate 1-3lb of weight loss in just one session.

The possibilities are endless at Dyanna Spa, so come in and enjoy our great treatments at very competitive prices!

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 East 21st St

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355


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Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Refresh & Renew Your Skin with Invigorating Body Scrubs in NYC Spa

Body scrubs are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Body scrubs are basically the exfoliation of skin, which is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation and scrubs are not only an important part any facial, but should also be considered as a part of a body treatment. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher looking.

Why Is Exfoliation Important? The skin is constantly generating new skin cells at the lower layer (the dermis) and sending them to the surface (the epidermis). As the cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin. These keratinized skin cells are essential because they give our skin its protective quality, but they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells. As we age the process of cell turnover slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those cells that are clinging on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below.

Body Scrubs at a Spa are more thorough and tend to leave your skin softer because the therapist works longer and gets into areas you can’t reach easily, like the middle of your back. Body scrubs at a spa are usually combined with an application of lotion or short massage, which is relaxing. First, your massage therapist rubs the aromatic scrub into your skin, removing those pesky dead skin cells and leaving your skin baby soft. After ten to fifteen minutes of this relaxing massage, the therapist drapes you with plastic and leaves you to think your own quiet thoughts for about twenty minutes as your scrub goes to work at hydrating your new skin. After that, the exfoliant is removed, and you will be left with smooth, soft and radiant skin. It’s recommended you get a body scrub at a spa every 1-3 months and maintain at home.

It’s getting warmer with every day and everyone becomes more and more concerned with the beauty of the skin that will be a center of attention very soon. Right in time for these hot summer days Dyanna Spa introduces two effective body scrubs:

1)    Pomegranate Red – Apple all over the body scrub. Pure cane sugar with potent anti- oxidants derived from organic Pomegranate juice, organic Red apple create a gentle, natural exfoliate that leaves the skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant. (45 min – $50)

2)    Sea Spa Glow. Natural Exfoliates with Dead Sea Salts, Triple Mint & Olive Oil. Helps remove dull, dry accumulation of dead skin cells. Leaves your skin feeling energizes and refreshed. (30 min – $40)




Take a look at how body scrubs and anti-cellulite treatments are performed by Dyanna Spa’s aesthetician.



To find out more about body scrubs offered by Dyanna Spa and to schedule an appointment or consult with one of our expert aestheticians, please go to:

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon has been voted Best Spa of NYC. We are located in the heart of Manhattan in the Gramercy Park/ Flatiron area and are easily reachable by train, bus, taxi, or car:

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 East 21st St

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355

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Bye-Bye Cellulite! New Yorkers, Get Ready for a SMOOTH Summer Thanks to Dyanna Body & Nail Spa

Loved  Sandra Bullock’s skin-tight gown this week at the Oscars? Wonder if Cameron Diaz had a hard time breathing in that boustier?

Have you ever been amazed by how Hollywood’s A-listers fit into those gorgeous designer gowns come Awards Show season…  Or how a bride  manages to get into shape to fit into her special Vera Wang gown? Well the famous words to live by may be: “The Vera Wang dress  does not fit you, you fit the dress!”
So how exactly can us mortals lose those last few lbs right on time to get into your Oscar-worthy dress?
The seacret is quite simple: Anti-Cellulite Treatments!

If you are getting ready for a magical night in your perfect outfit, and want to look fit and glamorous for the world to see, anti-cellulite treatments are an easy quick fix for losing 1-3 inches and 1-3 lbs in just ONE HOUR!
Cellulite is fat tissue that has bands of connective tissues in them. Majority of it forms on thighs, abdomen and buttocks. When you have the right circulation, smooth layers ensue, but when fluids get trapped in between the layers, the stored fats and toxins do not get flushed out and stay within the skin. The tissues thus harden producing bumpy lines known as cellulite.

Cellulite can be a problem and embarrassing for many, that can cause one to lose confidence in their body and even themselves.
However, it does not have to be! Of course the best weapons to fight cellulite are exercise and the a healthy balanced diet. For many, though, even that doesn’t quite do the trick, so if that’s the case  let Dyanna Body & Nail Salon-Spa help you!
Dyanna Spa in NYC’s Gramercy Park offers a proven Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment.
This treatment involves a special massage for 30 minutes that improves circulation and helps  blood flow to move in a way that eliminates the fluids between the fat tissue, this getting rid of the root cause of cellulite. After this massage, the technician wraps the body in a special heat wrap for 30 minutes which forces the body to sweat and eliminate these excess fluids from between the fat tissues.
  • During this 30 minutes, clients have the option of receiving a facial or neck massage to make the most of their time and obtain deep relaxation while their body is losing inches.

Once the wrap is removed, the body is cleansed and moisturized with a special cream that firms the skin and finishes the whole effect. So, after this short 1 hour treatment, you can see IMMEDIATE results, weight/inch loss and firmer body lines.

With Dyanna Spa’s affordable prices (ONLY $85 per treatment,)  professional and courteous staff, clients leave satisfied and excited to have the best body they can possibly have!

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