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Men’s Spa Services in Manhattan New York

Mens Spa Services in Manhattan New York.Men Spa NYC.New York Men Spa.Men’s Spa Services in Manhattan, NY Spa for Men NYC

Mens Spa Services in Manhattan New York.Men Spa NYC.New York Men Spa.Men’s Spa Services in Manhattan, NY
Men’s Spa Services in Manhattan, NY

Take advantage of the best men’s spa services in Manhattan, NY at Dyanna Spa. More and more men are finding out about the tremendous benefits of the different spa treatments available today. Hair removal, nail, facial, body treatment, massage and skin care services all have an important place in a man’s life.

Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Dyanna Spa’s hair removal services focus on getting rid of unwanted hair on just about any part of the body – facial, back, shoulders, underarms, chest, genital area, butt cheeks, legs and toes – you name the spot and our experienced estheticians have removed hair from it!

Highlighted Treatment: Back Waxing and Shoulders Package — For just $55, you can rid yourself of your hairy back and shoulders. Our expert estheticians apply Azulene wax and quickly remove the unwanted hair.
Brazilian Waxing for Men

$60 Aloe Azulene Waxing Formula /$85 Blue Cirepil Hard Wax Formula

We also offer electrolysis for those men wanting a more permanent solution for unwanted hair.

Nail Services for Men

Nothing is more of a turnoff to potential employers than unkempt nails. Women don’t care for it much either, and you can include raggedy toenails on the list.

Highlighted Treatment: Buff Manicure – For just $15, our nail technicians cut, file and shape your nails, before placing them in warm water. Afterwards, cuticles are cut or pushed back. Next, comes a massage and moisturizing. Finally, nails are buffed to an attractive sheen.

In addition to world-class manicures and pedicures, we also offer special pedicures to remove callous and dry skin.

Facial Treatments

If your facial skin is too dry, too oily, pimply, or acned, Dyanna Spa’s facial treatments are targeted to your specific skin care needs.

Highlighted Treatment: Deep Pore Cleansing Facial — This $85 one-hour treatment is perfect for men who have oily or pimply skin, or for those with acne. Our cosmetologist cleans the skin and then extracts all impurities (blackheads, whiteheads and acne). She then applies a moisturizing mask to revitalize the skin.

Body Treatments

For healthy, younger and more radiant skin, Dyanna Spa’s body treatments are without parallel.

Highlighted Service: Sea Spa Glow – Using a blend of Dead Sea salts, triple mint and olive oil, our estheticians exfoliate the skin to rid it of dry and dead skin cells. This body treatment not only rejuvenates the skin, but also promotes new skin cell growth.

Massage Services

If you’re all tied up in knots from the daily stresses of life, one of our many specialty massages will relieve your tension and revitalize your energy.

Highlighted Service: Deep Tissue Massage – This 30-minute $45 massage is excellent for going deep into the structure of the fascia (connective tissue) and muscles.  It not only releases muscle tension, but targets chronic knots and other areas of pain.

Dyanna Spa offers a plethora of other services – anti-aging treatments, microdermabrasion, and back and neck treatments. So guys, fellows, men…take a break from the hustle and bustle to care for yourselves, and schedule an appointment for one of our men’s spa services in Manhattan, N.Y.

For more information, visit our site at

Dyanna Spa !40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY 10010

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Ear candling for earwax removal offered at Dyanna Spa in New York City

Ear candling in New York City Ear candling in New York .Ear candling in Manhattan New York

Ear candling for removing excessive earwax (also spelled as “ear wax”) and debris is one of the many special treatments available at Dyanna Spa in New York City. Although it is not FDA-approved, it is a very relaxing, and non-invasive alternative treatment to safely remove earwax.

Also known as ear coning, this treatment has other benefits in addition to removing excess wax and debris. The comforting warmth from the candle wax helps to relieve headaches, colds, and congestion, and although popular at our day spa all year round, it is especially so during cold weather.

Historically, there is evidence that ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetans, Aztecs, Mayans, Mexican, and Native Americans cultures used this ear cleansing process thousands of years ago. It was a natural part of their personal hygiene much like our daily regimen of hair and teeth brushing. Today’s cultures of India, Turkey, Thailand, employ their own ear candling methods.

Why do we have earwax in the first place?

Ear candling for earwax removal

Ear candling for earwax removal at Dyanna Spa in New York City.

Believe it or not, earwax is our friend as it protects the eardrum by trapping debris, such as dust, before it can do any damage. Glands in the outer ear canal produce earwax, medically known as “cerumen”. Blockages occur when the wax is pushed too deeply into the ear canal.

What is ear coning and how does it work?

An ear candle is a hallow cotton cone soaked in beeswax and infused with special herbs. As the candle burns, the beeswax melts forming a powdery somewhat sticky smoke, which spirals down the cone. As more of the warm smoke enters the ear, earwax and debris start to loosen. The melting wax and the smoke create something akin to a vacuum sucking effect, as the earwax and debris accumulate in the cone.

Normal protective earwax takes a day or two to build back up.


We use one ear candling candle for each ear. Our clients lie first on his or her side while one of our specially trained estheticians gently inserts the narrow cone into the ear. She then lights the top of the candle, allowing the entire candle to burn down. She then repeats the procedure in the other ear. You will not experience any discomfort during this treatment for earwax build up.

Dyanna Spa ear candling treatments last for 30 minutes and cost an affordable $45.00.

Note: Ear candling or ear coning is not a substitute for any medical problems you may have with your ears. It is important that you see a physician should you have any type of hearing loss, ear pain, fever with a cold or flu, or any other situations affecting your ear health.

With all of the stresses in N.Y.C. life, a little pampering that soothes and relaxes you is definitely in order. So contact us now and schedule an appointment for your ear candling treatment at our luxurious yet affordable Manhattan beauty salon.

Dyanna Spa !

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa

40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY


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