Bye-Bye Cellulite! New Yorkers, Get Ready for a SMOOTH Summer Thanks to Dyanna Body & Nail Spa

16 Mar

Loved  Sandra Bullock’s skin-tight gown this week at the Oscars? Wonder if Cameron Diaz had a hard time breathing in that boustier?

Have you ever been amazed by how Hollywood’s A-listers fit into those gorgeous designer gowns come Awards Show season…  Or how a bride  manages to get into shape to fit into her special Vera Wang gown? Well the famous words to live by may be: “The Vera Wang dress  does not fit you, you fit the dress!”
So how exactly can us mortals lose those last few lbs right on time to get into your Oscar-worthy dress?
The seacret is quite simple: Anti-Cellulite Treatments!

If you are getting ready for a magical night in your perfect outfit, and want to look fit and glamorous for the world to see, anti-cellulite treatments are an easy quick fix for losing 1-3 inches and 1-3 lbs in just ONE HOUR!
Cellulite is fat tissue that has bands of connective tissues in them. Majority of it forms on thighs, abdomen and buttocks. When you have the right circulation, smooth layers ensue, but when fluids get trapped in between the layers, the stored fats and toxins do not get flushed out and stay within the skin. The tissues thus harden producing bumpy lines known as cellulite.

Cellulite can be a problem and embarrassing for many, that can cause one to lose confidence in their body and even themselves.
However, it does not have to be! Of course the best weapons to fight cellulite are exercise and the a healthy balanced diet. For many, though, even that doesn’t quite do the trick, so if that’s the case  let Dyanna Body & Nail Salon-Spa help you!
Dyanna Spa in NYC’s Gramercy Park offers a proven Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment.
This treatment involves a special massage for 30 minutes that improves circulation and helps  blood flow to move in a way that eliminates the fluids between the fat tissue, this getting rid of the root cause of cellulite. After this massage, the technician wraps the body in a special heat wrap for 30 minutes which forces the body to sweat and eliminate these excess fluids from between the fat tissues.
  • During this 30 minutes, clients have the option of receiving a facial or neck massage to make the most of their time and obtain deep relaxation while their body is losing inches.

Once the wrap is removed, the body is cleansed and moisturized with a special cream that firms the skin and finishes the whole effect. So, after this short 1 hour treatment, you can see IMMEDIATE results, weight/inch loss and firmer body lines.

With Dyanna Spa’s affordable prices (ONLY $85 per treatment,)  professional and courteous staff, clients leave satisfied and excited to have the best body they can possibly have!

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