NYC Spa Week Preview: Dyanna Spa

Vain Style

If you’re looking to enjoy Spa Week next week, check out Dyanna Body and Nail Spa, located in the Flatiron – Gramercy Park, NY at 40 East 21st Street. Their wide range of spa services include hair removal – waxing and electrolysis, manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and microdermabrasion, body scrubs and body wraps. A particular treat happens to be one of their spa week specials, a chocolate spa manicure and pedicure with paraffin on the heels. (Disclaimer: be sure to get your chocolate fix before the service to fight the temptation of tasting the chocolate scrub and mask right off your hands.)

The pedicure starts like any other with warm bubbling water, but quickly transitions when they add a powder to the bath emitting a delicious chocolate scent. You almost forget someone is evening working on your feet because you’re wrapped up in the thought of Chocolate pastries like that of Uncle Petie’s Sweeties or Godiva. The pedicure continues with a chocolate exfoliating scrub followed by a chocolate mask applied to the feet and set for a minute while the same process is done for the manicure. The service is both relaxing and delicious. After the chocolate pedicure mask is wiped off the paraffin is applied to the heels, which is a “must” especially during the fall/winter season.

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa also offers the OPI Axxium gel manicures which last up to two weeks without chipping, smudging or cracking, hwich is perfect for any fashionista. And just in case you were wondering if they have your color, the spa carries all fifty shades of axxium soak-off gel lacquer to choose from. The nail technician was extremely knowledgeable, did a flawless job and the services are positioned at an affordable price. If your looking, this is the place to get your gel manicures.

Overall, Dyanna Body and Nail Spa is both top quality and cost efficient. The employees were extremely nice and the location is clean, beautiful and inviting from the door. Be sure to stop by for New York Spa Week October 10th-15th to get the chocolate manicure and pedicure special, it’s simply perfect for the Halloween season.

-Amanda Rose, Associate Market Editor

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