Try A Placenta Facial

Ok- the cat is out of the bag, I used to be a spa snob! If the spa didn’t have a big name behind it and a really fancy address, I wasn’t interested. But, let me tell you something I’ve learned in my years, those spas certainly aren’t always the best. I find that the diamonds in the ruff are normally the ones that don’t have the big famous name behind them or 100 locations over the globe.

It’s the spas with one or two locations that still get serious love and care from the owners that really make you feel like you’re one in a million and let me tell you, one of the city’s diamonds is the Dyanna Spa, located on East 21st St. The very first thing I noticed when I walked in was that they have numerous awards from City Search that include 2 for Best manicures and pedicures and one for the # 1 best bikini wax, facials, massage, nail salon and eyebrow threading and shaping. So, I was immediately excited. I had not had a facial in about two months and, in my opinion, the key to a great makeup application is great skin. Beside drinking water and wearing sun screen I think that facials are the next best thing to keeping that perfect skin.

My aestician, Alla, came out and greeted me very kindly and then we went back to the room. I had asked her to let me know what the best facial would be for my skin and, after a close look, she said the placenta facial. Yes, you heard me correctly, a placenta facial. Well, not being one to shy away from anything, we went for it. Alla was amazing and really explained the process perfectly. She went through all the steps and really helped me understand any problem areas I may have.

For some people, food is the way to their hearts, well for me- it’s knowledge. If you are knowledgeable on a specific topic then you have my ears and my heart and I can listen for hours. I was given two separate masks and then an impressive high frequency treatment. After that, came the placenta. It was amazing. This facial is a must for anyone. My skin normally comes out feeling fabulous post facial treatments, but this facial was above and beyond. I have to say, I think that I have found my new go-to spa and I suggest you check it out and do the same.


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