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NYC’s Favorite Spa Now Offering A Whole New Line of Reinvigorating Manicure and Pedicure Treatments! Experience the Healing Powers of Purissima Organic Manicure and Pedicure.

Are your hands and feet in need of some healing from the busy and bitter cold winter in New York?
The newest craze in hand and feet treatment- the Purissima organic manicure and pedicure treatment are here to save the day!
As the winter days shrink in size, it’s no wonder that with less time in the sun we also have less time for everything else. For those with a 9 to 5 full-time job, attempting to maintain a healthy social life, striving to make time for family members on a daily basis, and still valuing sleep on some level – you know what it feels like to simply not have enough time for yourself.  That is why when the rare opportunity to rest and relax does arrive – make sure you are giving your body the best treatment available. 
The Purissima Organic Spa manicure and pedicure treatment is the ultimate in hand and feet repair. The Purissima treatment belongs to a line of herbal products that combine the medicinal effects of Aromatherapy and Phototherapy to ensure that your hands and feet are being optimally hydrated. The treatment also ensures that the nutrients in your skin are being naturally replenished, and that you leave our spa feeling like a glowing, new person. It’s the perfect pick-me up on a cold winter day either after a long day’s work or on a quick lunch break to recharge the battery mid-day.
The benefits are endless – The technology behind the Purissima line was engineered to seep into the pores of your skin and influence your inner balance, thus creating a deeply calming effect on your overall mood.  The special herbs locked into the treatment oils are extracted from plants known to be the key ingredients in many alternative medications, thus providing proven healing to your skin.
Better yet, the use of ficus seaweed extracts enhances the metabolic system and contributes to cellulite reduction. If you suffer from the common syndrome of constantly cold hands and feet – give the Purissima manicure and pedicure a try, since it is known to increase circulation and thus raise body temperature comfortably. The best part? The treatment is entirely organic and absolutely safe on even the most sensitive hands and feet.
So keep the Purissima treatments in mind the next time you get your truly deserved five minutes of peace. Do your research to see which New York nail salons and spas offer Purissima manicures and pedicures, as the treatment is so new that only the best spas have it available. Check your trusted review sites like Citysearch and read reviews to make sure your hands are in good hands!

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