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New York Spa Offers Full Body Waxing – Hair Removal For Men And Women NYC

Full Body Waxing In Manhattan New York.Hair Removal for Men and Women NYC.

If you have unwanted hair, Dyanna’s New York Spa offers full body waxing as an excellent solution for hair removal. In a culture that aspires to youth, beauty, and virility, a culture that commonly embraces Viagra and other similar medications, a hairless body, from head to toe, has become de rigueur.

In the past, it was women, athletes, and the gay community who partook of waxing treatments. Nowadays, straight men have joined the throngs wanting hairless bodies. You see it more and more – on the beach, at the gym, on “Dancing with the Stars”, and in the bedroom.

Our day spa, Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, New York has provided wax treatments since 1983, and our expertise has won us “The Best Salon for Waxing” by Citysearch several years in a row. Over the years we’ve developed a waxing treatment for just about any place hair grows on the body.

Wax treatments from head to toe

Whether you want toe hair or eyebrow hair removed, or anything in between, or a full body wax treatment, we have the expertise to provide the best in hygienic and professional N.Y.C. hair removal services. We adhere to a strict no double-dipping policy, never using the same wax-applying spatula more than once.

Some of the most popular waxing services for both men and women at Dyanna Spa include:

  • Bikini waxing
  • Brazilian Bikini waxing
  • Leg waxing
  • Arm waxing
  • Underarm waxing
  • Back waxing
  • Chest waxing
  • Upper lip waxing
  • Chin Waxing

Affordable hair removal wax treatments

You can get professional and safe hair removal wax treatments at Dyanna Spa for incredibly low prices. A few examples are:

  • Upper lip waxing costs $6.00
  • Brazilian bikini wax for men costs $60.00 and $40.00 for women
  • Back waxing for men costs $40.00
  • Chin waxing for men and women costs $10.00

Each of the wax treatments is priced individually; however, if you opt to have a full body wax, you will receive a special reduced rate. Please contact us for prices.

Azulene Wax vs. Cirepil Blue Hard Wax

We use only the finest quality wax at our N.Y. spa. The two types of wax that we use are – Azulene wax and Cirepil blue hard wax. Almost any part of the body can be waxed using Azulene wax. We recommend the Cirepil blue hard wax for the more sensitive parts of the body such as the genital area, nipples, ears, and nose, or for anyone with particularly sensitive skin.

So get with the times and contact us now to schedule an appointment for a New York wax treatment and to find out our special prices for a full body wax treatment for complete hair removal.

Please note: Some doctors do not recommend hair waxing for people that have diabetes, varicose veins, or poor circulation since they may be more susceptible to infection. In addition, people who take medications such as Renova, Differin or Accutane are advised to avoid hair waxing on the face since these medications tend to weaken the skin and waxing may cause skin damage. Be sure to let us know if you have any health problems.

Dyanna Spa !

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa

40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY


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Brazilian Waxing vs. Bikini Wax: What Manhattan / New York Women are Choosing this Summer at the Best Manhattan, NYC Spa ‘s

The classic debate about what method of bikini hair removal to employ- brazilian wax or regular bikini wax – heats up this summer as bikini styles get tinier, and bodies leaner. Why opt for a bikini wax or go all the way with brazilian waxing?  Most people living in Manhattan or anywhere else in New York, NYC work hard all winter and spring long to get their body ready for bikini season, so when it comes to stripping off the top layers of clothes, you wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste due to unsightly ingrown hairs, razor burns and scars, and stubble coming through.

It’s 2010 and with the endless amounts of electrolysis, laser hair removal, and waxes to remove unsightly pubic hair, why on earth would you

still employ your shaving cream and razor to do your dirty work. With all the stubble and razor burn that gets left behind it’s time to consider waxing your nether region.

When coming into Dyanna Body & Nail Salon, one of NYC’s favorite and most trusted salons, for a wax “down under” it comes down to two choices, the Brazilian Wax or a Bikini Wax.  The difference between the two is really just a matter of preference but I’d like to go over the basics for these two essential summer time procedures.

Bikini – For all those shy and meek women out there, I’d suggest you start out with a bikini wax so you still have some sense of modesty when you leave.  Now what to expect? First, if the hair is too long the specialist will trim it. Then wax is heated to allow it to be spread easily and evenly over the skin in the direction of hair growth, warm wax is applied to the waxing area with a wooden stick. The hair becomes embedded in the wax, which cools and firms up holding the hair. Next, cotton strips are placed over the wax. The wax is then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles along with dead skin cells. New hair growth in waxed areas is soft and fine. After repeated waxing, hair re-growth is less and less. After the procedure is done feel free to strut down the beach with no sarong to hide your embarrassing stubble.

Brazilian – If you’re a bolder soul and don’t mind sharing your bits and goodies with the trained professionals at Dyanna Body & Nail Salon than I strongly suggest you go for the gold with the Brazilian Wax. The Brazilian wax takes away everything and when I say everything, I mean everything. Every last hair you want removed will be yesterday’s news.  Brazilian waxes are known to make women feel more confident, more sexy, and more bold.  Knowing that you can control your “situation” gives you the confidence to control any situation, so go ahead and let your man drool as you walk around with nothing to hide in the buff!

Dyanna Spa’s painless, safe and quick waxing hair removal services for men & women have helped us become a “Best Spa for Overall Waxing Spa in NYC,” “Best Spa for Bikini Wax in NYC,” and “Best Spa for Brazilian Wax in NYC,” by Citysearch.  Our expert technicians practice the safest techniques that guarantee our clients a very strict no double dipping policy. Our special azulen aloe wax formula works effectively to remove hair gently, safely and quickly. Have sensitive skin? No worries! Try our gentle Cirepil Hard Wax to ensure the best results.

To find out more about waxing and to schedule an appointment or consult with one of our expert aestheticians about which treatments would be right for you, and to check out our affordable pricing please go to:

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355

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