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Check out the affordable Men’s spa packages available in New York, NYC

Men’s spa packages in New York.Men’s spa packages Manhattan NY

Check out the affordable Men’s spa packages available in

New York, NYC


It is absolutely worth it to check out the affordable men’s spa packages available in New York, NYC. Dyanna Spa is eager to show men that day spas aren’t just for women. The spa packages we’ve put together for you will give you the opportunity to see how you can benefit from our spa services without making a big dent in your wallet.
Jelly Pedicure and Brazilian Manicure $45
   Receive a regularly priced $35, 45-minute “Jelly Pedicure” and after this spa treatment, your calluses will be soft and smooth and the skin on your feet nourished and moisturized. Add in a 30-minute chemical-free “Brazilian Manicure”, with its nail-invigorating properties, regularly $16, and you’ll have a fantastic mani-pedi package. You’ll save $6 on this spa special package.
Back Facial and Swedish Massage $120
Back Facial Treatment At Dyanna Spa NYC

Back Facial Treatment At Dyanna Spa NYC

We’ve paired our 60-minute “Back Facial” that cleanses your back of acne, blackheads,  and other blemishes normally costing $85, with a 30-minute “Swedish Massage”, normally $45, that increases the circulation throughout your body, relieving muscle tightness and all your aches and pains. This adds up to a $10 savings.
European Facial and Regular Manicure
and Pedicure
Our usually priced $75 “European Facial”, which thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates facial and neck skin, unclogging pores and removing impurities for a younger looking you, goes together with our $35 normally priced “Regular Manicure and Pedicure”, with nails and toenails filed, shaped, buffed, soaked, and in all ways made to look clean and attractive. This represents a savings of $10.

male waxing nyc

If you want to pair some of our other spa services together for a spa package, visit our website to view all of our other treatments. We offer a variety of hair removal, nail, massage, body treatment and facial and skin care services that cater to your every need. Just give us a call to work up a men’s spa package price, or stop by Dyanna Spa at 40 E. 21st Street in NYC.

For more information, visit our site at

Instant Online Spa Gift Certificates NYC may be purchased
at our spa, online or phone. You may Choose from a list of spa treatments, spa
packages or purchase your spa gift certificate for a specific amount.

Dyanna Spa ! 40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY 10010

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NYC Father’s Day 2011 is Here! Give Your Father the Gift of Pampering at New York’s Dyanna Spa

Hello New York… we all know you are all so busy that you just don’t have the time to shop for a Father’s Day Gift. Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re stuck for gift ideas – NYC’s trusted Dyanna Spa has some great last minute gift ideas that should resolve all your problems. Everyone enjoys being pampered, so why should your father be an exception? Dyanna Spa offers many specialized packages and treatments perfect for males of all ages.

1) Male Waxing: We offer a complete range of waxing treatments for fathers that will have them smooth for summer. Choose from either hard wax or Cirepil for any of the following treatments:

                                  Back/Chest……………$40 (Hard/Cirepil $60)

Back with Shoulders…..$55 (Hard Cirepil $75)

Stomach………………$20 (Hard/Cirepil $30)

Buttock……………….$20 (Hard/Cirepil $30)

Brazilian Bikini……….$60 (Hard/Cirepil $85)

Regular Bikini………..$50 (Hard/Cirepil $70)

Full Leg……………. ..$55 (Hard/ Cirepil $75)

Full Arm………………$30 (Hard/Cirepil $50)

Eyebrows……………..$15 (Hard/Cirepil $24

Nose…………………..$12 (Hard/Cirepil $20)

Ears…………………….$16 (Hard/Cirepil $26)

2) Massage Therapy: Dyanna Spa has received numerous awards for our massage treatments, and we have a menu diverse enough to soothe even the most stressed out dads. What better way to show him you care then by allowing him to switch off his mind, and ease into the comfort of ultimate relief and contentment. Here we have outlined a few of our favorite picks for fathers:

  •  Deep Tissue Massage treatment ($50-$130): Offers extreme relief from stress and sports related muscle tension as it uses specific techniques which relax the entire muscle. The Deep Tissue Massage is great for both relieving minimal tension overall, as well as targeting those certain areas that require more attention.
  • Swedish Massage Treatment ($45-$110): The Swedish Massage is perfect for those seeking improved blood flow. Often the stress of everyday life will cause reduced blood flow to the muscles, leaving them tense and tight. Techniques used in the Swedish Massage release toxins from muscles in order to increase regular blood flow circulation and further sooth aching muscles.
  • Reflexology ($20-45): The Reflexology Massage offers relief to aching hands and feet through the effective use of targeting pressure or “reflex,” points in your hands and feet. These specific reflex points relate to certain organs and glands of the body and the simulation of those reflex points promotes health throughout the body via energetic pathways. This massage is extremely effective at relieving tension, aches and pains through techniques such as holds, finger pressure, kneading and rubbing.

For more information, to purchase a customized gift certificate or to book an appointment for you and your dad, please feel free to visit or call us at 212-995-2355!

Dyanna Spa

40 East 21 St

New York, NY 10010


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