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Best way for buttock hair removal for New York Men:Professional waxing for men.

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The best way to get rid of butt hair is through professional waxing treatments
It goes by many names – buttocks, biscuits, bum, crack, arse, tush, rear, booty and junk in the trunk – but no matter what you choose to call it, when there’s hair in the crack area, it’s butt hair. The only way to remove it safely and successfully is to have one of our professionally trained estheticians at Dyanna Day Spa in New York City wax the area for you.All men have varying degrees of butt hair, and many don’t mind it. However, many believe it is a major turn-off to their wives or significant others yet are too embarrassed to do anything about it.Why Shaving Your Own Hairy Butt is a Bad Idea

Reports from men who have attempted to shave their own butts are very sad…but funny! Some who have attempted it found it impossible, noting that you have to be triple-jointed even to entertain the thought, even when using a mirror.

Others have suffered through torturous itching claiming that when the hair starts to grow back, it feels like a cactus growing between the cheeks. Others liken it to a feeling of scraping sandpaper.

Victims of hair-butt shaving report that it takes an enormous effort not to stick their hands down there and scratch all the time. One poor fellow said he was groaning from ingrown hairs and had no way to get rid of them.

All have said, “Never again”.

It truly is a bad idea to shave hair off your buttocks, or off any other part of your most private areas. It is a known fact that when you shave anywhere on the body, hair grows back thicker and faster every time you shave.

The itching, the fast hair re-growth and the ingrown hairs, not to mention the stubbles, cuts, and inefficiency of shaving one’s crack, is not going to be the turn-on for which you hoped.

What should you do? Do you really want to ask a friend to get rid of unwanted hair in your privates? Um…probably not.

Should You Use Home Waxing Kits?

You can purchase home waxing kits but there are significant disadvantages that come with them.

  • It is not wise to wax sensitive parts of the body at home because it can cause broken blood vessels, bleeding, bruising, and torn skin.
  • Waxing can be painful but professionals are trained to minimize the pain.
  • It is oftentimes impossible to reach certain places on your body that you want to wax.
  • Home waxing is messy.
  • The cost of buying a waxing kit is usually about the same as having a professional do it for you.

Professional Waxing at Dyanna Day Spa in NYC

Waxing has so many advantages over shaving because it removes the hair from under the skin at the root. In addition:

  • hair doesn’t grow back as fast
  • when it does grow back in 4-6 weeks, it grows back thinner and softer
  • over time it may disappear completely if you keep on a regular waxing schedule

The estheticians at Dyanna Spa are professional hair removal experts. There is nothing in their many decades of experience that is new to them. They understand that you may be shy about the process, but they will do everything they can to make you feel relaxed.

Rear (butt crack) Waxing for Men 
$20 Aloe Azulene Waxing Formula /$40 Blue Cirepil Hard Wax Formula

For a mere $20-$40, your butt can be hairless in minutes. Your buttocks will feel smooth and clean.

Buttock Waxing for Men

$20 Aloe Azulene Waxing Formula   /$40 Blue Cirepil Hard Wax Formula

Okay, so you’ve taken care of the rear, but what about the hair on your bum cheeks? For those who want a smooth buff pair of biscuits, a buttock wax treatment at our salon will have them feeling smooth as a baby’s butt.

Brazilian Waxing for Men

$60 Aloe Azulene Waxing Formula  /$85 Blue Cirepil Hard Wax Formula

If you want hair removed from the whole kit and caboodle, Dyanna Spa is the place to go. Named “Best New York Spa for Brazilian Waxing” for numerous consecutive years, you can feel confident that our professionals will work quickly and efficiently making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Two Kinds of Wax for Hair Removal

At Dyanna Spa, we use two kinds of wax for our waxing treatments, Azulene and Cirepil Blue Hard Wax.

The Azulene wax formula is ideal for removing unwanted hair on most skin types. Our esthetician applies warm wax over the area for hair removal, applies strips over the wax, and then quickly removes the strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

The Cirepil Blue Hard Wax formula, a non-strip process, is for people with sensitive skin and for hair removal in sensitive areas of the body. This low-temperature wax adheres to the hair. Once the wax hardens, our esthetician just peels it off.

Dyanna Spa’s Male Waxing Special

To help you get used to the idea of wax treatments at our day spa in Manhattan, New York, we are offering a waxing special for men. If you spend more than $60.00 on our waxing services, you will receive a free underarm wax treatment, which normally costs $20.00.

Put your embarrassment aside and know that you are in good hands with the experts at Dyanna Spa. With decades of hair removal experience from all parts of the body, the professionals at Dyanna Spa will make sure you receive the finest wax treatments at affordable prices in a truly comfortable environment.

Call now and schedule an appointment to get rid of that pesky unwanted hair in places we’re not afraid to mention.

For more information, visit our site at

To reach us at our 40 E. 21st Street waxing salon (b/t Park Ave. s., & Broadway, Flatiron District), call us at 212-995-2355,or go to our website at

To reach us at our 150 E. 39th Street waxing salon (b/t Lexington Ave & 3rd Ave in Midtown East, Murray Hill),

call us at 212-213-0011


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New York’s Dyanna Spa sees men’s chest and back hair removal as big trend! Back And Chest Waxing in Manhattan NYC!

Male Chest and Back Waxing in Manhattan NY 

New York’s Dyanna Spa has seen a huge spike in requests for chest and back hair waxing removal treatments for men. It used to be that very few men requested these salon services, those who were models, body builders, swimmers and the like. Now men of all ages, of all sexual orientations, and from all walks of life are tuning into a new masculine look – a hairless smooth body. Women are loving it.

Problems with chest hair removal

Many men try to take chest hair removal into their own hands by shaving and end up bearing the consequences. Shaving is notorious for creating skin problems. Men open themselves up to cuts and nicks, bumps, ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and razor burn.

If you want that sexy hairless look on the beach, you don’t want a Band-Aid to be part of your beachwear. During those intimate moments, you don’t want your spouse or significant other to run their fingers over bumpy, irritated skin, much less infected ingrown hairs.

Problems with back hair removal

Unless you’ve found a “razor on a rope”, have extremely long arms, or are incredibly flexible, there is no way you can shave the hair off your back without serious injury.  You’ll also need to have eyes in back of your head.

You need professional help from a qualified waxing specialist.

New York waxing for men at Dyanna Spa

Dyanna’s day spa provides both back and chest hair removal services at an incredibly affordable price of $40.00 each.

The process is simple. Our waxing technician first applies our warm Azulene wax formula to your chest or back (from the bottom of your neckline to your waist). She then places paper strips over the waxing area, waits for it to set, and then quickly and efficiently, pulls off the strips.

You’ll leave our beauty salon with a brand new terrific physique. If you had a lot of excess hair, you’ll even notice a difference in how wearing a shirt feels.

Benefits of chest and back wax hair removal for men

Getting rid of excess body hair on your chest and back has personal, hygienic, and aesthetic benefits.

  • If you have a firm and sculpted body, a hairless back and chest will show off your well-defined smooth body very nicely.
  • Without back and chest hair, your body won’t heat up quite as fast, forestalling sweating and body odor.
  • Waxing is fast and easy, and you won’t have any of the aforementioned shaving problems.
  • Although wax treatments are not permanent, unlike shaving, they do last up to 3 to 4 weeks. Each time you have a treatment, the hair grows in more finely because the root weakens and hair becomes much easier to remove.
  • If you stay with it, the waxing treatments needed become fewer and further apart.
  • If you weren’t happy with your hairy body, after waxing you’ll feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence.
  • The ladies will love you.

Dyanna Spa offers many other male waxing services: underarms, hands, toes, shoulders, arms, legs, neck, buttocks, and stomach. We are also known for our expertise in bikini and Brazilian wax treatments.

Full Leg Waxing ……………………….$60
Regular Bikini Waxing………………. $50
Brazilian Bikini Waxing ………………$60
Rear Waxing……………………………..$10
Buttock Waxing ……………………….$20
Back with shoulders waxing ……….$55
Back Waxing …………………………… $40
Lower Back Waxing  ………………….$20
Shoulders Waxing  …………………..$20
Chest Waxing  …………………………$40
Stomach Waxing …………………….$20
Lower Stomach Waxing  ………….$10
Full Arm Waxing  ………………….$40
Half Arm Waxing  …………………$30
Underarms Waxing  ……………..$20
Hands Waxing  ……………………$10
Toes Waxing  ……………………..$10

Make your appointment now for one of Dyanna Spa’s chest and back hair removal treatments.

Dyanna Spa !

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa

40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY


Keep up with Dyanna Spa NYC news, specials, and promotions.

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