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Teenage Hair Removal NYC – Waxing for girls in New York City.

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Dyanna Spa in Manhattan offers safe and healthy New York wax treatments for teens, because they understand that positive self-esteem for maturing girls is extremely important. Some people are critical about girls waxing, believing it to be too much too soon; however, nothing could be further from the truth.Adolescent children are very much aware of what they look like and are extremely sensitive about it. Parents who are aware of this can help them shape a positive self-image, one of confidence and self-acceptance.  Nonetheless, that’s hard to accomplish if a girl doesn’t like the way she looks. After all, what female tween or teenager wants a dark moustache, a hairy back, or a unibrow? Some girls with excess hair do get laughed at or bullied.Whether hair comes from burgeoning hormones or from ethnic backgrounds, it is still unwanted hair when it grows in the wrong places.

Waxing services for teen and tween hair removal

Dyanna Spa in NYC recommends waxing as the best hair removal treatment for teens and tweens. Shaving can result in cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, coarse stubbles, and irritated skin — plus the hair grows back after a couple of days. Waxing removes hair from the roots, not at the surface, and with every treatment, hair grows back thinner and finer. Additionally, waxing lasts from four to six weeks.

There are waxing treatments for almost any part of the body including legs, arms, underarms, upper lip, eyebrows, back, chin, facial cheeks, nose, toes, and ears. There are certain age restrictions, however. No one under twelve years of age can receive waxing services, and any girl under the age of sixteen who wants a regular bikini waxing or a Brazilian wax must have their mother present. Certain procedures must be followed upon arrival and personnel will consult with the parent to discuss the specifics of the wax treatment.

Azulene and Cirepil Blue Hard Wax

Dyanna Spa uses two types of wax: Azulene and Cirepil Blue Hard wax. The Azulene wax formula is safe and effective on most areas, while the Cirepil Blue is used on more sensitive parts of the body or on people who have sensitive skin.

When using Azulene wax, the esthetician gently applies hot wax (but not too hot) to the area, covers the wax with paper strips, and then quickly removes the paper along with the unwanted hair.

With Cirepil Blue, the cosmetologist applies warm wax to the desired area and once it hardens, she peels off the wax with the excess hair.

Dyanna Spa adheres to a strict “no double dipping” policy for the health and well-being of all clients. The esthetician throws away the spatula used to apply the wax after each single dip into the wax, and uses a new one for the next dip. This prevents germs from getting into the wax and spreading any harmful bacteria to another person.

Brazilian Bikini Waxing –  Azulene Aloe Formula $40 / Blue Cirepil Hard Wax Formula $60

Girls want to feel good about themselves

Waxing is not about girls wanting to grow up too fast. Most girls just want to feel good about themselves. There is no need for them to be embarrassed about visible hair growth as long as they use beauty salon waxing services that are reputable and sanitary. Waxing can boost their self-esteem and give them confidence to be seen and heard out in the world.

Dyanna Spa has won “Best New York Salon for Waxing” and “Best New York Salon for Hair Removal” from such high-ranking sites as Citysearch several years in a row, so you can rest assured that tweens and teens receive the best and safest waxing services in town.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a waxing treatment for your young lady.

Dyanna Spa !

40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY 10010

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New York’s Dyanna Spa sees men’s chest and back hair removal as big trend! Back And Chest Waxing in Manhattan NYC!

Male Chest and Back Waxing in Manhattan NY 

New York’s Dyanna Spa has seen a huge spike in requests for chest and back hair waxing removal treatments for men. It used to be that very few men requested these salon services, those who were models, body builders, swimmers and the like. Now men of all ages, of all sexual orientations, and from all walks of life are tuning into a new masculine look – a hairless smooth body. Women are loving it.

Problems with chest hair removal

Many men try to take chest hair removal into their own hands by shaving and end up bearing the consequences. Shaving is notorious for creating skin problems. Men open themselves up to cuts and nicks, bumps, ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and razor burn.

If you want that sexy hairless look on the beach, you don’t want a Band-Aid to be part of your beachwear. During those intimate moments, you don’t want your spouse or significant other to run their fingers over bumpy, irritated skin, much less infected ingrown hairs.

Problems with back hair removal

Unless you’ve found a “razor on a rope”, have extremely long arms, or are incredibly flexible, there is no way you can shave the hair off your back without serious injury.  You’ll also need to have eyes in back of your head.

You need professional help from a qualified waxing specialist.

New York waxing for men at Dyanna Spa

Dyanna’s day spa provides both back and chest hair removal services at an incredibly affordable price of $40.00 each.

The process is simple. Our waxing technician first applies our warm Azulene wax formula to your chest or back (from the bottom of your neckline to your waist). She then places paper strips over the waxing area, waits for it to set, and then quickly and efficiently, pulls off the strips.

You’ll leave our beauty salon with a brand new terrific physique. If you had a lot of excess hair, you’ll even notice a difference in how wearing a shirt feels.

Benefits of chest and back wax hair removal for men

Getting rid of excess body hair on your chest and back has personal, hygienic, and aesthetic benefits.

  • If you have a firm and sculpted body, a hairless back and chest will show off your well-defined smooth body very nicely.
  • Without back and chest hair, your body won’t heat up quite as fast, forestalling sweating and body odor.
  • Waxing is fast and easy, and you won’t have any of the aforementioned shaving problems.
  • Although wax treatments are not permanent, unlike shaving, they do last up to 3 to 4 weeks. Each time you have a treatment, the hair grows in more finely because the root weakens and hair becomes much easier to remove.
  • If you stay with it, the waxing treatments needed become fewer and further apart.
  • If you weren’t happy with your hairy body, after waxing you’ll feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence.
  • The ladies will love you.

Dyanna Spa offers many other male waxing services: underarms, hands, toes, shoulders, arms, legs, neck, buttocks, and stomach. We are also known for our expertise in bikini and Brazilian wax treatments.

Full Leg Waxing ……………………….$60
Regular Bikini Waxing………………. $50
Brazilian Bikini Waxing ………………$60
Rear Waxing……………………………..$10
Buttock Waxing ……………………….$20
Back with shoulders waxing ……….$55
Back Waxing …………………………… $40
Lower Back Waxing  ………………….$20
Shoulders Waxing  …………………..$20
Chest Waxing  …………………………$40
Stomach Waxing …………………….$20
Lower Stomach Waxing  ………….$10
Full Arm Waxing  ………………….$40
Half Arm Waxing  …………………$30
Underarms Waxing  ……………..$20
Hands Waxing  ……………………$10
Toes Waxing  ……………………..$10

Make your appointment now for one of Dyanna Spa’s chest and back hair removal treatments.

Dyanna Spa !

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa

40 East 21st Street Manhattan, NY


Keep up with Dyanna Spa NYC news, specials, and promotions.

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