Review: Dyanna Spa’s Placenta Facial

I had first heard about the benefits of placenta facials onCNN awhile back but never thought twice about getting one. However, I was recently offered an opportunity to get a placenta facial at the Dyanna Spalocated in the Gramercy-Flatiron area of NYC and I am super excited to share my experience. (FTC disclosure: the Dyanna Spa was very generous and performed the facial free of charge) First of all, I’ve never gotten a facial before, so I wasn’t sure about what to expect.  I didread this article beforehand so I at least knew not to wear makeup :-P .  Dave also came with me to the appointment to help me take pictures.

The spa itself was small but very neat and clean.

The front

The waiting area
After waiting for about 5 minutes, my esthetician, Alla, led me to my room where I changed into spa gear.

Ready to go!
Alla wrapped my hair up and started the first treatment- a facial massage with steam.  The massage was very relaxing and the steam really calmed my nerves.  She said that this treatment helps open up my pores and stimulates blood flow to my face.  I was glad that this was the first treatment because I needed to be calm for the next stage, PORE EXTRACTIONS!!!

Pore extractions were pretty painful.  For more experienced spa goers, I’m sure that y’all are used to it- but for a first timer like me- I was in pain!  Luckily, Alla had over 20 years of experience giving facials and knew exactly how to distract me.  She told me a funny story about how she used to bribe her husband and son with food to let her practice on them- now, they are begging her to do it :-P.

After the pore extractions came the masks.  Alla used 2 different masks on me targeting different areas.

Glad pore extractions are over!
She then performed a high frequency treatment on my face.

Lights on…

Lights off!
Finally, it was placenta time!

The number 1 question that my friends have been asking me about the placenta facial is if the mask smells like placenta.  Well, I’ve never smelled placenta before so how would I know?  Honestly, the mask didn’t smell like much, as there were no artificial fragrances in it.  If anything, the mask smelled like a bottle of unscented lotion (if that even makes sense).

After Alla peeled off the placenta mask, she applied serum and lotion to my face and I was good to go :-).

A little red but my skin feels like silk! Dave said that my skin was glowing the whole day:-).

She also gave me an awesome skincare tip!  She said that as soon as I feel a pimple or blemish coming on (when it’s just starting to become pink), I should dab a bit of drying lotion on it (preferably overnight) and it’ll go away ASAP.  Since I do get hormonal acne (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) I can’t wait to try her tip!

Celebrity Facials in NYC

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at the Dyanna Spa, the facial took about an hour and a half including getting changed, and I felt comfortable during the whole process.  This is not a pretentious spa with snobby receptionists or ritzy decor, this is a spa for people who want great results.  Let me know if you check it out and be sure to ask for Alla if you’re getting a facial.

Note: I would not recommend getting a facial the day of a big event because your face may be a bit red from the pore treatments.

Update: It’s been about 4 days since the facial and my skin still feels incredibly soft and smooth!  I can’t wait to go back and try their other treatments!

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