Placenta Facial: Baby, It’s Good For You

Want a J-Glow? Do as she does and get a Placenta Facial. It’s our 13th season of Spa Week and each year we strive to keep the treatments fresh, unique and always beneficial. Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa in New York City has stepped up to the challenge by offering a daring beauty treatment which hits all the marks: Placenta Facial. Yes, the fetal anatomy between mother and child is known to work magic on damaged skin.

Before you get freaked out, there is evidence to explain why estheticians across America are using afterbirth as a facial cream. The use of placenta is beneficial even beyond the scope of beauty. It’s full of protein, iron, and tons of vitamins and minerals, which make them excellent for the health of hair, skin, and nails. New American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez has been known to use it to reverse signs of aging. Momlogic has also given the active ingredient a golden star with reports of a popular practice called placentophagia in which a mother eats placenta to help post-partum depression and contract the uterus after birth.

Bio-banter aside, we know you’re curious of the beauty benefits of a placenta facial. The Placenta Recovery Essence Facial smoothes wrinkles, postpones aging processes, and actively nourishes skin. It also helps regain vitality and youthful texture. The results from just 1 treatment are dramatic and clients can’t believe what a difference they see in their face after the treatment. People have been using the placenta of sheep and horses as beauty aids for time immemorial, in fact. Treatments like this are more natural and they truly deliver!

Snag your chance to glow like J-Lo for $50 at Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa (212.995.2355‎) during Spa WeekOctober 11th – 17th.

Image Courtesy of Silk Road Cosmetics


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