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Dyanna Spa NYC -TimeOut New York Caviar Facial

Offbeat spa treatments

We tested three wacky services to find out if they actually work.

By Rachel Sokol

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa
Photograph: Courtesy Dyanna Spa

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa: Caviar facial
40 E 21st St between Broadway and Park Ave South (212-995-2355, 45 minutes $60.
The treatment: Specialist Alla Mintc applied a series of German brand Farah Beauty Wellness’s Caviar DNAproducts, which contained caviar extract rather than actual fish eggs. A light cleansing lotion prepped my skin for a fruity-smelling peeling lotion and an alcohol-free tonic.
The final touch: a gentle aloe-and-almond mask, which left my face super smooth.
The purported benefits: Caviar contains peptides and essential amino acids, which help regenerate skin cells and stimulate their metabolism. Posttreatment, skin is supposed to look younger, healthier and more lustrous.
The results: I had major concerns that I’d reek of fish, but Mintc allayed my fears by patiently answering all my questions and explaining the products she was going to use. Prior to the facial, I was channeling Rudolph with a red, dry wind-burned nose. Afterward, my face looked bright and dewy.

Scrubs and body treatments

Get the dirt off your shoulders—and the rest of you.


Dyanna Body Spa

Photograph: Courtesy of Dyanna Body Spa

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa: Pomegranate Red-Apple Full Body Scrub 40 E 21st St between Broadway and Park Ave South (212-995-2355, Regularly $50. TONY deal Mention TONY when making an appointment and get a free manicure with this scrub; through Feb 2.
As I lay on a massage table, “Magic Hands” Alex first used a dry body brush to exfoliate my skin. She then rubbed an apple-scented scrub (made of three essential oils and other secret, yummy-smelling ingredients) on my legs, arms, hands and upper chest. A loofah cleaned off the mixture while sloughing away rough skin. Finally, a cool, smooth lotion was massaged into my skin. As there’s no shower at Dyanna, Alex used warm washcloths to clean the lotions off, leaving me surprisingly clean and unsticky.
Best part: The apple scrub, which starts out cool, heated when applied to my body. After I showered at home, my usually dry legs and arms were smoother than a baby’s you-know-what.
Why it’s worth it: For one thing, the blankets were so soft and cozy it was hard not to fall asleep. The room was also pleasantly dark except for an apple-scented candle; and the little apple-themed touches (lotion in an apple-shaped container and the dark-red scrub) all contributed to the experience.—Rachel Sokol


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