Caviar Facial: The Royal Treatment

Once upon a time, caviar—just like signet rings and purple velvet cloaks—was reserved only for royalty.

Just as Spa Week® (as a company) is determined to remove stigma of the spa being reserved for ridiculous housewives and movie stars, caviar has made its way to the masses, packed into California rolls and enjoyed by everyone.

Fittingly, caviar has made its way to the masses in the form of a rejuvenating facial for $50 during Spa Week. Yesterday to kick off Spa Week Spring 2010, I got the royal treatment, a Caviar Facial, at Dyanna Spa in New York City. The 60 minute treatment included a thorough steaming and pore extraction, an invigorating Russian massage (she’s from Moscow), a firming medical peel, and then a formula made of 100% caviar. There were little black caviar bits on the esthetician’s hands— it was the real deal. Caviar is packed with vitamins and nutrients that seep into your pores to promote anti-aging. The treatment was followed by a caviar mask, which was left on for 15 minutes as I received a caviar hand and foot treatment with heated mitts and booties. The massage or the silky softness afterwards—I’m not sure which was more enjoyable.

Something unusual happened at the end: rather than removing the mask with water or a damp cloth, she pressed the mask into my skin to stay and continue to work. I was instructed to not wash my face for 3 hours.

I saw immediate results upon leaving the spa: a reduction of redness and an increased firmness to my skin. Today, I see a notable glow and continue to see an enhancement in texture, as if the caviar is still swimming around in my pores, rejuvenating turning back the hands of time. You know… to that time when caviar was reserved only for royalty…

Try it yourself this Spa Week for just $50 (normally $85)!

Dyanna Body Nail Salon – Spa
40 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

You can watch the entire thing in great detail (caviar fun facts included!) in these live-recorded video clips from inside the spa.

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream


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