Average DAPS Reader: Can Watch Carlo Get A Brazilian Wax at Dyanna Body and Nail Spa

Man, oh man. What a week. What a hairless and wild week.

I’ve always felt like all of those sexy women you see on the tv, except now I look like one.

As you probably already know, I was invited to Dyanna Body and Nail Spa to check out their waxing situation and when I couldn’t decide on what to wax, you guys made it very very clear that you hate me and wish to laugh at my expense. But that’s all cool with me, so no biggie. Well last week I headed over to Dyanna Body and Nail Spa and met the whole gang, got waxed back into pre-pubescence and had an overall wonderful time. It was so fun, that a video was made:

Introducing Learn Something! with CarloEpisode 1: Brazilian Waxing

To recap, my Brazilian waxing went very smoothly, and was more or less painless (save for a few specific places). The staff at Dyanna made me feel very comfortable, and at home, and relaxed enough to let a complete stranger pull hair out of my butt crack after pouring hot wax in it.

While I’m not really into the waxing idea, I am always willing to try something once. And I’m glad I tried this out. If I ever did decide to get waxed again, I would 100% have to go back to Dyanna for a number of reasons.

  1. it’s clean as hell in there. and they have a no double dipping policy, which means you get the most sanitary and comfortable waxing experience.
  2. it’s chill in there. Everyone is just chill and having a good time enjoying life and making people look/feel sexy. You feel it the second you walk in the door. This was a big draw for me, because I had to literally place my penis and testicles in their care.
  3. the prices seem very reasonable. I looked the prices over and for a salon in Manhattan, they were noticeably more affordable than any salon I’ve sent my fiancee to in wittle ol Staten Island.

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa
40 E 21st street (between Park Ave. South and Broadway)
212 995 2355

On a personal note; I was surprised as how drastically my life butt changed after receiving this wax. without hair, my farts have been much squeakier, and exit from a higher point between my cheeks. I know this sounds crazy, but it really is something you have to get used to. Then there is the sweat. I incorrectly thought my butt would sweat less now, because I grew up not understanding biology. You see, the “pubic” (places with body hair) areas of your body where hair exists will naturally sweat more then other parts. The hair grows to aid in absorbing this sweat. Now my butt is a very sweaty butt, so for a few days, I was also getting used to a lil bit of squishy bum, but that got better. But it definitely was like 3 days of wet smelly squishy sweat farts. HOT


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