Smooth As A Baby…

Gentlemen, I feel that I ought to warn you that I am about to discuss my favorite waxing joint. And this is not back waxing I’m talking about here, I’m more focused on areas south of the equator. Although if you are into the whole-body waxing Chelsea boy thing this is probably your place. It’s pretty decent although I was freaked out by my waxer’s arm cellulite and her overzealous use of the baby powder the one time I went there. But let’s just say they are familiar with men’s special hair removal issues. Anyway, now I’m getting into the lady waxing part so avert your eyes if you wish.

I hate shaving. It takes forever, doesn’t last and really, stubble belongs on a man’s face, not on a woman’s legs. Plus this whole $25 replacement razor blade phenomenon is just getting offensive. At this point in my life, I don’t even own a razor.

I wax EVERYTHING. Which, given that I live in New York, could easily get very expensive. In fact, the venerable J Sisters would charge me $195 for everything that I get done. Now, I love Brazil and the Brazilians just as much as the next guy (actually, possibly more…I was so depressed to leave the last time I was down there), but I do not feel the need to spend $2,400 a year to be waxed by them.

Thankfully, Brazilians are not the only game in town. The Russians give them a run for their money at Dyanna, a small, bare bones salon down on East 21st Street. Now this place is not in a fancy townhouse, nor is the location particularly glamorous, but it’s clean, the women know what they’re doing, I’m always out of there in under thirty minutes, and they charge about 25% of what higher end salons do. I will say though, that I’ve never gotten my eyebrows done here, so I can’t vouch for that particular service.

If you go, you must, must, must request Lana, who I have been going to for the past five years (and let me tell you, I’m not the most loyal person when it comes to beauty services, so this really does speak well of her skill, professionalism and compassion…all qualities necessary in a good aesthetician I think). She never misses a spot, she is just one of the sweetest women alive, and she somehow fills the time effortlessly with random conversation that I genuinely enjoy listening to. It’s not often that one looks forward to a waxing, but at this point I feel like I’m going to see an old friend when I make an appointment with her. When I was living in Philadelphia I even made the trek up to New York rather than finding a waxer down there, as I knew it would be virtually impossible to find someone that I liked as much as Lana.

Dyanna’s clientele is somewhat varied. You’ve got quite a few high maintenance jappy twenty-somethings (it’s not all that far from Murray Hill after all), tall willowy blonds and moms who bring their twelve and thirteen year old daughters in for their first wax as some sort of bonding experience. By the way, I’m a little uncomfortable with this last one. I think early adolescence is traumatic enough without having to get largely naked in front of a stranger and get your hair ripped out of your sensitive young skin. But, as Lana says, they are probably very hairy girls, which I guess is traumatic in its own way.

Anyway, go on Sundays around noon if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience. There’s never anyone there at that time. But, if you prefer weekdays, they’re open until 8:00 and Lana’s there everyday but Friday and Saturday.


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