Introducing Shellac Long Lasting Manicure at Dyanna Spa in New York, NYC

26 May

We all know that busy New York women don’t always have time for a weekly manicure at their favorite Manhattan spa. For those that need a manicure to last, Dyanna Spa in NYC is proud to introduce Shellac nail gel that will leave your manicure looking fresh for up to 14 days! Shellac nail gel is a revolutionary polish that will allow your manicure or pedicure to last up to 14 days without chipping or loosing its shimmer.

So how is it that nail perfection is now able to be so easily maintained?

The answer lies in its specialized formula created by Creative Nail Design (CND) from a distinct combination of solvents free of formauldehyde, toluene, DBP or other harmful chemicals often found in nail polishes.

First, the base coat is applied to the nail in order to secure the foundation for the polish. Then you let your nails dry under a UV light for ten seconds. Next your color coat is applied and you once again place your nails to dry under the UV light, this time for 2 minutes. Then, a second coat of color is applied followed by another 2 minutes of drying in the UV lights, and finally the top coat is applied to lock everything into place. If you are concerned about the use of Ultraviolet lights, it is best to wear sunscreen on your hands as an added precaution.

Why choose Shellac nails over other gel nail treatments?

Well, aside from the obvious reason that Shellac nails will last you up to two weeks chip free- its also trumps other gel nail treatments as it possesses an effortless application and removal process. For example Shellac nails take at most only 30 minutes to apply, whereas a soak-able soft gel nail treatment takes 45 minutes, and hard gel nails fall upward at 60 minutes for application time. In addition to saving you time spent at the nail salon, Shellac nails brush on like polish while the previously mentioned methods lack this ease of application. Shellac nails come in the same wide variety as regular polish, allowing you the freedom to pick whichever pop of color you’re seeking.

The removal process mirrors that of the application process as both are simple and quick. Shellac nails take a mere 10 minutes to remove as they easily wipe off while both soak-able soft gel nail treatments and hard gel nails take a minimum of a half hour to remove and require the use of filing.

Why waste more time than necessary spent uncomfortably in a nail salon? Dyanna Spa understands the fast paced lifestyle of its New York customers and acknowledges the importance of saving time when possible. Shellac nails allow you the possibility to stay out of a salon for up to two weeks while also minimizing your appointment time. Make an appointment with Dyanna Spa today to experience how the longstanding flawless appearance of Shellac nails are setting a metamorphosis to the nail treatment industry.

To schedule your Shellac manicure, stop into Dyanna Spa or book your appointment online or via phone!

Dyanna Spa

(212) 995-2355

40 East 21st St


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