Don’t Let This Hot NYC Summer Ruin Your Complexion: Come to Dyanna Body & Nail Spa’s For One of New York’s Best Facials!

28 Jul

It’s been a long and hot summer here in New York, so keeping up with your beauty regiment has never been more important.  With this excessive heat and humidity, it would be no shock to learn that you may be having trouble controlling your blemishes.  Pores all over the beautiful isle of Manhattan have endured an excruciating summer that has been filled with humidity, sweat, and other oils that leave your pores clogged and unsightly. For this reason, the time has come for a refreshing facial from one of the best spa’s in NYC: Dyanna Body & Nail Spa.

Although you may not realize it, it is just as important to get regular facials in the summer as it is in the winter.  During the winter your skin is prone to getting dried out and cracking but in the summer you’re skin will be subjected to the complete opposite. When it’s hot out your skin produces oils and your glands secrete sweat that you generally don’t even have to think about in the winter.  In general, regular facials offer so many benefits for your skin that regardless of the season you should treat the most exposed portion of your body with a little respect.

Here at Dyanna, we ensure that every facial will give your skin the glow and luster the environment strips away. The exfoliation can help rid the buildup of cracked skin around your nose and mouth and give another layer of skin the chance to shine! All facial products used by the Dyanna’s aestheticians deliver powerful therapy, revitalizing your skin and spirit, and further enhancing the feeling of well-being. Your skin and contours will be left soft, fresh, vibrant and youthful.

Here are two great facials for reversing the summer time damage!


The Acne/Problem Skill Facial with Active Propolis  and Blemish Control Mask is a deep pore cleansing procedure. Extractions are performed when necessary and healing module is utilized to assist closure of any open or infected areas. Service is accomplished in a series of visits.


The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial combines all the benefits of deep pore cleansing which removes white heads, black heads and other acne impurities. With your new pore-free face your skin will be begging to experience the sun without all that foundation, just don’t forget the SPF!

To find out more about this and other treatments and/or to schedule an appointment or consult with one of our expert aestheticians about which treatments would be right for you, and to check out our affordable pricing please go to:

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355

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