Memorial Day Weekend Beauty Prep: Ready, Set, Summer New York! 5 Things to do before Memorial Day

19 May

Memorial Day Weekend officially kicks off the summer season, and for those residents of New York City- this is the first chance to get to a beach and dive in without having to board a plane.

It’s no secret that New Yorkers are always on the go, but even the busiest New Yorker will stop to take a breath of fresh air on this 3 day weekend. No matter how you plan on kicking off Memorial Day Weekend 2010- a getaway to a house in the swanky Hamptons, a crazy trip to the Jersey Shore, or flying off to Las Vegas for the pool parties, here are some things to help you get ready to make sure you are looking as hot as the weather promises to be in those swim trunks and bikini.

With Memorial Day Weekend comes summer, and that means it is time to bare your best assets in the skimpiest of clothing. Well you can’t look your best until you feel your best. What do you do? The beauty experts at NYC’s Best Spa – Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa (as voted by Citysearch in over 17 different categories!) has the 5 steps to follow to make sure you look and feel great just in time for the Memorial Day Festivities.

1) RELAX! No Need to Freak Out Just Yet…. Get a Soothing MASSAGE: Dyanna Spa offers a great number of massages to make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and pain free. After long hours behind our computer screens at work, we feel exhausted. It’s not because we have done any extreme manual labor, but because of the positions that many assume and the tense muscle that form when we are under pressure and stress. What better way to relax at the end of a day or week than to go to Dyanna Spa to receive their award winning massages! When you feel rejuvenated and physically relaxed, you will feel relaxed on emotional level as well.

2) De- Fuzz- Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with WAXING & ELECTROLYSIS: Getting rid of the unwanted hair on your body has to be one of the priorities this summer season. All the bikini wearing and skin baring that you are about to do, make sure your skin is silky smooth. Dyanna Spa offers two of the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair: waxing and electrolysis. Dyanna Spa is considered the best spa in NYC for waxing, so if you’ve never done it before- make sure you go to a place you can trust. We offer hard wax and cirepil blue wax. Our technicians are trained in removing hair in a fast, efficient and virtually painless way.

3) Last Minute Slim- Down- ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT: During those long winter months, more likely than not, you were paying less attention to what your diet and exercise. Those 4-5 months of oblivion are probably creeping up on you in the shape of few unwanted pounds. Dyanna Spa is offering a fast and easy way to lose those pesky pounds before it’s time to bare it all! Our revolutionary Anti-Cellulite treatment will take off 1-3lb guaranteed in a mere hour. Try our relaxing and reinventing treatment and you will look fabulous by May 28th!

4) Put your best face forward- Get a FACIAL! Facials are a great way to unwind, relax and erase the marks of everyday stress. Dyanna Spa offers facials specifically designed for your skin and your liking. During summer, your skin is vulnerable to sun light, heat and acne. Treat yourself to a European Facial which will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. For a problem skin, you may want to try Deep Pore Cleansing Face Facial which combats the breakouts at their root.

5) Take Care of the Small Stuff- MANICURE/ PEDICURE: Last but definitely not least, you have to make sure that your hands and feet are well taken care of. It has been said, that eyes are windows to your soul; well hands and feet are windows to your hygiene. Spare the uncomfortable looks and embarrassment by indulging in extremely calming and relaxing procedures of spa manicure and spa pedicure. Try Dyanna Spa’s Jelly pedicure or a very popular Brazilian manicure and you will be amazed by the results. Your skin will feel soft, firm and hydrated, while your nails would stay strong, polished and neat.

We look forward to seeing you at Dyanna Body & Nail Spa!

Dyanna Body & Nail Salon

40 E 21st ST

New York, NY 10010

(212) 995-2355

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